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4 Star Electronics offers a wide variety of Value-Added Services to better serve your company. Whether you need tape and reeling, component programming or contract manufacturing we can do it all. All of our value added services take place in one of our ESD compliant warehouses and carried out by highly experienced technicians.


We can provide fast, accurate, and cost effective programming services for any volume of flash memory, programmable logic, or microcontroller products. More Info

Contract Manufacturing

We can provide contract manufacturing & turnkey assembly of printed circuit boards using surface mount and through-hole technologies for customers requiring strict quality control and prompt turnaround. More Info

Tape & Reel

We can provide complete tape and reel services for your programmable semiconductor and other surface mount device needs. We can obtain other customer specific materials at your request. More Info

Other Services:

  • De-taping product to tubes or trays
  • Baking and dry pack
  • Segregation by lot or date code
  • Custom packaging
  • Customer barcoding
  • Drop shipments to your customer

Any questions please call us (949) 276-5225 or email us [email protected]

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